A personal project curated by Hidden Architecture where we will try to publish and bring back to current days forgotten texts and manifestos written by architects which are essential to understand the discipline of Architecture within our social context.

Architecture - Gerrit Th. Rietveld. 1930
On Marxist Architecture USRR - Hannes Meyer. 1931

A personal project curated by Hidden Architecture that explores current works by contemporain architectes which, despite its differences regarding cultural or phisychal contexts, share a practical attention towards the social value of Architecture as a public structure.

Champs des Miràcles - fala atelier. Lausanne, Switzerland
Cara o Creu - PYO Arquitectos. Llubí, Mallorca

An ongoing personal project curated by Marta López García where she wills to shed light on a twice silenced reality. Our aim remains to recover and spread pieces of architecture displaced to the periphery; although this time we focus on the work of female architects.

AA XX 100: AA Women in Architecture 1917-2017 Exhibition
8th March 2018. International Women´s Day

Mary J. E. Colter
Desert View Watchtower. Navajo Point, Grand Canyon. United States
Phantom Ranch Bright Angel Canyon. Grand Canyon. United States
Elizabeth Denby
Kensal House. London. United Kingdom
Eileen Gray
Villa Tempe à Pailla. Menton, France
Kate Macintosh
Dawson's Heights State - Kate Macintosh. London, United Kingdom
Zelma Wilson
Meditation Mount - Zelma Wilson. Ojai, California. USA

A personal project curated by Hidden Architecture.

01. Archizoom vs Pier Vittorio Aureli
02. Jean-François Zevaco vs Alvaro Siza
03. Michiel Brinkman vs. Peter and Alison Smithson
04. Highrise of Homes. New York


A personal project curated by Hidden Architecture that explores the conditions of several urban projects from 1950s onwards that, starting from the hypothesis of the Modern Movement, they surpassed its orthodoxy to adapt the urban features to local conditions.

Penn's Landing Ssquare, Philadelphia, United States - Louis Sauer
PREVI Low Cost Housing (I) - James Stirling. Lima, Perú
Roosevelt Island - Philip Johnson and John Burgee. New York . US
Shushtar New Town, Iran. 1975
Villalba de Calatrava. Spain. 1955 - José Luis Fernández del Amo


A personal project curated by Biljana Janjušević, which has strong focus on the experience of the spatial manifestation of light in Scandinavian architecture, as well as carefully crafted detailing in wood as a traditional Nordic material.

Rådhset Extension -  Erik Gunnar Asplund.  Gothenburg, Sweden
Sommer house (Sommarhus) - Bruno Mathsson. Halmstad, Sweden

Obscured by Clouds is a personal project curated by Biljana Janjušević about architectural heritage of Balkans region, with emphasis on local interpretation of Yugoslav socialist modernism. The concept is fragmented into mini-series , depending on the state – three articles per individual country, with an aim to raise awareness of lesser known architecture of Mediterranean region.

Hotel Podgorica - Svetlana Kana Radevic. Podgorica, Montenegro
Kayak Club Galeb. Pogdorica, Montenegro
Lepenski Vir settlement - Serbia
Building: Genex Tower - Mihailo Mitrović. Belgrade, Serbia
Museum of Modern Art - Ivan Antić and Ivanka Raspopović. Belgrade, Serbia 
Hotel Palace, Haludovo Complex - Boris Magaš. Krk.Stadium Poljud - Boris Magaš. Split, Croatia

Right to Afford is a series curared by Angela Parra Sánchez–Moliní. Its purpose is to open a line of debate and criticism on the current situation of Social Housing through the investigation and analysis of a selection of so-called "Council Houses", which emerged in London throughout the twentieth century. To extract a global vision of the Serie and not the study of isolated works, we will go to parameters not only purely architectural but sociological and urban.

Dunboyne Road Estate - Neave Brown. London, United Kingdom

A personal project curated by Hidden Architecture where we explore the practice of an architectural criticism without rethoric and based mainly on the physical experience of the work itself.

Casa Lucio Muñoz - Fernando Higueras. Torrelodones, Madrid. Spain

Baden Historisches Museum - Katharina and Wilfrid Steib. Baden, Switzerland

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